Client Profile

The Ellerson Group, Inc. provides private account management services for families, high net worth individuals, pension and profit sharing plans and non-profit organizations.  

With over 31 years of experience in the investment markets, our principal, James P. Ellerson is committed to the view that even with the multitude of financial services available today, it is our observation that what many families need is a consulting service rather than a one time financial plan, transaction driven brokerage service, or institutional minded trust services.

Our equity strategies include developing conservative long-term individual stock portfolios and the utilization of the best-managed “no-load” mutual funds in the market today.  Our fixed income portfolios primarily consist of individual bonds and C.D.s, income stocks and income mutual funds.

At The Ellerson Group Inc. our clients are smart consumers who have sought a trusted professional acting as a fiduciary, instead of a product salesperson acting in his or her own (or the company's) best interest. Our clients retain us to help them identify important goals as well as to produce a detailed step-by-step guide to achieve those goals.

Our clients are most frequently corporate executives, entrepreneurs, physicians and retirees. Generally we are most helpful to those with at least: $1,000,000 in investment assets.

Our Client Process

Below are our steps for developing a successful advisor/client relationship:

  • Conduct a discovery phase
  • Develop your financial plan
  • Discuss your financial plan and define risk tolerance
  • Develop your investment strategy
  • Execute your investment strategy
  • Develop a comprehensive wealth management plan
  • Monitor, optimize and review on an ongoing basis

What It Means to Be Fee-Based Only

Fee only independence means that we remain unbiased in our advisor/client relationship as we accept no referral fees or commissions in any aspect of our practice. Fee only is more than a description of compensation; it dictates that our interest are naturally aligned with yours, as our primary intent is to professionally serve you and retain you as a long term client.

The result is unbiased financial advice rendered by our advisors who are committed to acting as a fiduciary in a client centered relationship. The Ellerson Group, Inc. works hard to preserve our status as an independent firm, void of conflicts of interest, and dedicated to the loyal pursuit of satisfying our clients.